Spine Care

If you’re looking for a spine specialist in Eudora, KS, Dr. Ryan Rock at Rock Family Chiropractic is the chiropractor you want on your team.

Why Choose a Chiropractor As Your Spine Specialist?

A spine specialist is a provider who focuses on diagnosing and treating conditions of the spine. There are a few doctors who have the title of spine specialist, including orthopedic surgeons and even neurosurgeons. Chiropractors fit into this category, too. What’s the difference in visiting a chiropractic spine specialist as opposed to other spine specialists? Dr. Rock and the team at Rock Family Chiropractic in Eudora, KS answer this question below.

Education Is Similar Yet Different

All spine specialists – including chiropractors – earn doctorate degrees. They receive the education and training needed to carry out their respective jobs. However, chiropractors usually receive additional training in areas such as nutrition and holistic medicine. Others typically receive training in surgery and similar treatments.

Treatments Utilized

One of the biggest differences between chiropractors and most other spine specialists is the treatments provided. Chiropractors focus on natural methods that treat the whole person.

In other words, while treating the skeletal system through adjustments and similar techniques, they also provide soft tissue therapy, therapeutic exercises, lifestyle and dietary recommendations, and more. The goal is to get to the root cause of your symptoms and treat it by empowering the body to heal itself. Other specialists often recommend less conservative approaches.

Conditions Treated

One major difference that many people aren’t aware of is that a chiropractic spine specialist doesn’t just treat the spine. They actually treat neuromusculoskeletal issues from head to toe. This is important for two specific reasons.

The first reason is that, thanks to their versatility, you can visit a chiropractor for several conditions at once – and be treated for them all. If, for example, you have headaches, lower back pain, and knee pain, your visits can include treatment for all three.

The other reason it’s so important is that they can diagnose spine conditions that cause symptoms in another area. You might go in for foot or ankle pain on your right side, for example. While it seems that the problem lies in your lower right leg, it might actually be a misalignment in the back that is impacting your gait. Your chiropractor would be able to locate the root cause and treat it, as they address the full neuromusculoskeletal system.

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