Some may mistake the Myokinesthetic System for a typical massage, but it is actually much more. The Myokinesthetic treatment is performed by a highly trained chiropractor or therapist to provide relief from muscle pain and restore movement. The results have been astounding; nerve and muscular pain are treated in a highly efficient and effective manner and most patients begin to feel relief immediately. More changes are usually noticed within three to five hours after the treatment and also into the next day.

The chiropractor begins a session by diagnosing a client's issue to a particular nerve root and uses a series of movements to release the muscles innervated by that nerve root. The nerve is "reset," pain is alleviated and range of motion is restored.

The number of conditions the Myokinesthetic System can improve is varied and includes: general muscle soreness and aches, headaches and migraines, tennis elbow, sciatica, carpal tunnel syndrome, numbness, burning, stabbing or shooting pains, TMJ pain, shin splints, joint pain, plus a variety of other sports injuries. Numerous patient testimonials attest to recovery and relief after Myokinesthetic treatments.